I am a trapper - My name is Paul Kaiser 

 I will do my very best to get rid of your animal problem.

 I am not a large franchisee, I am a small business owner, operator.

   I offer free home, business or ranch inspections.

   After we go over the inspection I will quote you a price 

I can usually start that day or an agreed upon date.

My minimum charges are $150 paid the first day I set my traps.

                         Payment up front the day I start assures you I'm starting and                            convinces me your serious about your animal removal project.

        Most jobs cost never run between $150 and $250

     Additional charges are never added or assumed unless discussed before hand.

                                                On-going trapping contracts are available. 


                         Coyote trapping large ranches.

                         Gopher trapping hay fields and pastures.

                         Pigeon trapping on large commercial rooftops.

                         Month to month skunk control, etc.

                                                              A few more examples 


                             *On going month to month skunk removal,  3 months,   $125 a month.

                              *Bad raccoon problem! 3-4 traps 10 days $250. 

                              *Snake removal $100 to $250 depending on size of the snake (in most cases 

                                the snake gets released unharmed).

                              *Dead animal removal - $100 to $250 depending on location, size and distance.

                              *Pigeon problem on roof of a school -  2 month written contract $100 a month.

                              *Feral cat - (easy) 1-2 nights 1 trap - $150.

                              *Raccoon problem - 30 days 1-2-3 traps - $200.

                              *Bear removal - free - I'll worked with the Colorado DOW on this one.

                              *Large bat control projects with complete sealing of all entry points might be                                             $1000 or more.

                              *Ranch coyote removal - written contract - 2 months $250 per month -                                                        worked with the Colorado DOW conservation officer.

                             *Raccoon getting in a home - one time visit - inspect animal gone! (raccoon) =                                           Free -   (but the homeowners insisted I take $100)  

The best thing you can do is call a few animal control companies and explain your wildlife problem. Ask for a price estimate over the phone or have them come out.  Be aware of the large franchisee companies that offer a free inspection only to add more and more expenses to the job. And be aware of the crooks out there that promise something, take your money and never deliver the service they say they do.

Some companies might quote you $200 for a one raccoon. But after three or four "service" calls, and a "relocation fee" and a "disposal fee", and another fee. There final bill to you might be $500 to $1000 or more.

 For your animal control problems give me a call - I can get the job done, give me a chance to gain your confidence.  (Paul) 719-650-6887