About me

My name is Paul Kaiser, I own Kaiser Animal Control,  formally known as WildWest Wildlife Wranglers. 

I have over 45 years of trapping experience. I have experience in trapping raccoon, skunk, gophers, coyotes, mice, woodchucks, beaver, fox, bobcat, pigeon, rat, cat, snake, porcupine, squirrel, chipmunk, moles, 

Kaiser Animal Control is a complete wildlife control company and has been in business in the Colorado Springs area for 25 years. I specialize in the eviction of nuisance wildlife from your home, business or ranch. I approach every wildlife issue humanely and will work towards a permanent solution to your animal problem.

Suburban Wildlife Control - squirrels in chimney and bats in louvres
Kaiser animal control can address any wildlife control issue including squirrels in your chimney (top) or bats roosting in your gable end vents (bottom).

Common Services:
• Bat removal and control
• Squirrel trapping, removal and control
• Bird control, including pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings
• Skunk removal and control
• Raccoon trapping, removal and control
• Mice extermination and trapping
• Dead animal removal

Other Services Include:

• Chipmunk trapping, removal and control
• Gopher trapping, removal and control
• Rat extermination and trapping
• Mole extermination and trapping
• Coyote trapping


You do not want these guys in your walls